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Knifemaker's Mokume-gane

Shining Wave Metals, a commercial producer of mokume-gane since 1984, now offers a line of this material that specifically meets the needs of knifemakers. The Knifemaker's Line is composed of nickel-silver and a red bronze to meet the maker's need for a mokume with a combination of a bold pattern, high strength, good formability and good machinabilty. The metal is supplied in a half hard condition unless otherwise specified. Flat stock is roll finished on two sides, rod is cold swaged.

The Shining Wave Knifemaker's Line of mokume-gane is offered in a variety of patterns and stock sizes. Special orders may be produced on request but may be subject to a surcharge. A list of the patterns is below, refer to the price list for available stock sizes and prices.

Diamond & Ladder Pattern, 50 layers: Very fine, very controlled incised patterns with a woodgrain quality. These patterns are double sided and go all the way through the bar, so there is no loss of pattern due to stock removal. The classic mokume, great for bolsters and other flat fittings.    Order online



Straight grain, 40 layers: The only three color mokume in the line consisting of alternating layers of nickel silver, brass and bronze in varying thicknesses. The layers form stripes running parallel to the edges of the strip. Our special forging gives the layers a slight wave for added interest. Used for flat guards and bolsters, excellent for that contemporary design look.    Order online

Straight Grain

Random Pattern is a 50 layer double-sided pattern with a figure like burl-grain wood. This is the only non-geometric, non-directional pattern in the line and makes the least imposition on the rest of the design while having a highly decorative effect. Can be used like highly figured wood, shell or stone.    Order online


Flat Grain and Square Bar - This 50 layer mokume has no developed pattern, the layers are arranged in parallel, similar to pages in a book. Use this pattern for forms that are heavily filed or contoured or develop your own pattern by carving or twisting.
Order online

15 Layer Pin Stock - Pin stock is an answer to the need of having pins and rivets visually blend with surrounding patterned metals. 1/4" and 1/8" rod is square with broken corners. Thinner sections are drawn round. We will ship this stock about 1/8 hard with other tempers available. This material is by special order only, though we keep stock in thicker sections. Please use the Special Order Page for a price request.


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