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Ordering Knifemaker's Metals

Placing an Order
You may either fill out the Shining Wave Online Quote Order Form or call/FAX in the order to Shining Wave Metals @ 425-334-5569. . If the factory is closed, we will respond to your request upon reopening.

Terms and Shipping
The minimum order is $30. Domestic orders must be in increments of one lineal inch (2.54 cm). All orders over $100 will be shipped freight prepaid, non-express service. Orders under $100 will have a flat $15 shipping and packing charge. Shipping will be via USPS unless otherwise requested. All orders must be prepaid by check, money order, wire transfer or Paypal. WA state residents, please add 8.6% sales tax. We will make every effort to ship within five days of the placement of your order. If we do not ship within that time, shipping is free. Large or special orders may take more time to deliver, you will be advised about delivery at the time of order placement.

Non-domestic orders will be charged for shipping and insurance, with orders under $100 being charged an additional $10. All duties and customs are the buyer's responsibility.

Pricing for Knifemaker's Mokume-gane
All prices are based on dollars per cubic inch. Non-stock sizes and compositions may be specially fabricated, however a minimum order may be required. Factory scale orders may be discounted. Please note that pin stock does not have specific stock sizes at this time. Request a special quote using ourSpecial Order Form.

  Ladder, Diamond & Random Straight Grain Flat Grain* 50 layer square bar 15 layer pin stock **
Price per cubic inch
  $120.00 $75.00 $50.00 $75.00 $180.00
Price per lineal inch
1/8" x 1" $15.00 $9.38 $6.25    
1/8" x 1 1/2" $22.50        
1/4" x 1"   $18.75 $12.50    
1/2" x 1"     $25.00    
1/2" sq       $18.75  
3/4" sq       $42.19  
1" sq       $75.00  

* Flat grain is available in 1”, 2” or 3” wide bar, in the thicknesses noted above.

** 15 layer pin stock available as 1/4” square rod and 1/8”, .080” and .060” drawn round wire. Price on request only.

Stock Sizes & Pricing for Traditional Japanese Alloys

The traditional Japanese alloys are fabricated in 1” (25.4 mm), 2”( 50.8mm) & 3”(7.62mm) wide flat bar that is slightly over-width. Wider stock is available thru special order. Cuts will be sawn and sanded. All the alloys will be furnished hard rolled unless otherwise specified. Please note that the alloys are made in both metric and American gauges

All the alloys are sold by weight due to their precious metal content. We can estimate prices but the exact charge will not be known until the metal is cut and weighed. The chart for estimating pricing will be changed every quarter and is an aid in determining approximate costs.

  4% Shakudo 25% Shibuichi 15% Shibuichi 5% Shibuichi
$$/troy oz.
2nd Qtr 2010
$114.27 $27.33 $22.71 $14.34
troy oz./cubic inch
5.0 5.0 4.8 4.75
grams/cubic cm.
9.5 9.5 9.11 9.02

Note: To calculate $$/gram divide the troy oz weight by 31.1

Other Shining Wave Metals Products
Baldwin's Patina is a simple rub-on solution that darkens the bronze in the mokume and will color the Japanese alloys. The patina does not color sterling silver, nickel silver or gold and will not rust steel if washed off. Directions are on the label.

Price: $6.00 for one ounce. A little lasts a long time.

Warranty Shining Wave Metals warrants all laminated metals to be free of the defects of delamimations, large inclusions and bubbles. If any of these defects is discovered in a piece of our metal, we will replace it, at no charge, upon the return of the defective stock.

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