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Special Orders

In the event that the Shining Wave line doesn't have an alloy or laminated metal that suits your needs, please fill out the form below. We do a fair amount of special order work and our cost estimates are pretty accurate. We will need information about the types of metals, how many layers, dimensions, pattern and date needed. Please note that the minimum amount for an order will be fairly high, you will be buying a factory run. Figure on at least a 3" x 12" of sheet or one foot of 1/4" rod. Please be serious about your requests, we cannot do a special order for one set of rings, as much fun as it would be to do.

shieldWe will contact you with information regarding feasibility, specifications, cost estimates and delivery dates in a reasonable amount of time.

Special Order Specs:

Warranty:  Shining Wave Metals warrants all laminated metals to be free of the defects of delamimations, large inclusions and bubbles. If any of these defects is discovered in a piece of our metal, we will replace it, at no charge, upon the return of the defective stock.

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